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Koehler, Inc. Louisville, Kentucky
Koehler, Inc. is a company based on a more than 100 year-old tradition of quality and service. Our diverse abilities in flexographic, rubber, and metal stamping along with our specialized machine works have earned us an excellent reputation.

When you require a fast turn around, give us a call. We work closely with our customers to provide a product that meets the exacting standards of today's printing and manufacturing processes. We also have the ability to produce those hard-to-find vulcanized rubber dies for printing on special materials.

Together with our graphics department and our skilled machinists, we will engrave any design you desire to achieve your goal. We take pride in our leadership in the product identification industry.


1930's Era Catalog Cover
Our long history of manufacturing precision marking devices began in 1897, when the company was founded by Henry Koehler.

Koehler was part of the Schmutz Manufacturing Co. from 1923 until 1986. At that time it again became a privately owned company. In 1994 the name was changed from Koehler Stamp and Engraving to "Koehler, Inc" and moved to the revitalized East downtown area of Louisville, KY.

While the address and owners (and of course the technology) have changed over the years, two things remain constant: the name Koehler, and our steadfast dedication to customer service.

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